Hip Hop Artist, Devine Carama, Teaches College Leadership Course & Students Complete Album...

Lexington indie MC & community activist and our founder, Devine Carama, (has opened up and worked with acts like Talib Kweli, Big KRIT, Cunningynguist, Nappy Roots, Little Brother, Canibus, Nemo Achida, Allen Poe and more!) along side associate professor Bryan Hains, were given the opportunity to teach a hip hop & community development class at the University of Kentucky this year called "Lyricism & Leadership: Hip Hop & Community Change". The 4-week summer elective course ended with a final exam of the class completing an 8 song EP entitled, Agents of Change Volume 1, featuring themes of challenges that economically impoverished communities face. Now that the project is completed, they are to market the project and give the proceeds to a local nonprofit. The class chose "On The Move Art Studio", a traveling art studio that cities inner city communities with FREE art workshops, as the nonprofit to donate to. 

Agents of Change Volume 1 Available Now!!


Devine Carama's Thoughts

"The 6 students engaging this final exam had never professionally recorded or put out any music before and all of them come from complete different racial ,generational, and economic backgrounds. The purpose of the class was to highlight the evolution of "leadership" and community development. Leadership is no longer preserved for rich, powerful white business men in suits. Leadership can be exhibited by anyone taking a stand or using their voices through whatever talents, gifts, and opportunities they have. Whether a blogger, artist, or a bus driver, everyone has the capacity to lead in alternative ways. I myself don't have a college degree, so being a hip hop artist and given the opportunity to teach a college class in itself is an example of how "leadership" and community development has changed."