Hip Hop Artist, Devine Carama, Talks to Franklin Co. High About "Leadership & Legacy"!


Today our founder, Devine Carama, got the opportunity to talk to over 500 students at Franklin County High School in Frankfort, KY about youth leadership and leaving behind a positive legacy. Devine described his experience today with the words below:

“I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at Franklin County High School for the first time ever today! Though I only had 30 minutes with these 500 plus future leaders, the conversation was engaging and hopefully fruitful. We talked about embracing our uniqueness, developing a belief system, and standing up for the right things even when it’s not popular. Looking forward to coming back and building with these young kings and queens even more throughout the school year!”

Devine has upcoming presentations at East Jessamine County High School in Nicholasville, Ky , Paris High School in Paris, KY, 6 schools in Charlotte, NC at the end of the month, and 5 schools in Portland, OR in April. For more information on Devine’s motivational presentation contact us at BelievingInForever@gmail.com