Our Mission

our goal is to inspire and motivate young people towards community leadership through art, education, Mentoring & community service! We encourage youth to define their purpose through their gifts & talents.  our legacy isn't defined by what we collect while we are here, but what we leave behind once we are gone. investing in our youth is investing in forever.

Community Track Record 

  • In the last 5 years, we have given away over 8500 coats through our annual "A Coat To Keep The Cold Away" youth coat drive in central and eastern Kentucky.

  • Community On The Corners is a program where our director, Devine Carama, & JK-47 do pop up performances in different areas around the city while giving away from household items to fmailies in need.

  • Through our weekly "Strive 4 Success" youth tutoring sessions we served about 20 students a week. We provide FREE food, books and tutoring services to all youth in need. (This program has LAPSED)

  • We have facilitated our Impact 859 in-school mentoring program in 9 different Fayette County public schools.

  • In 2 separate trips, we took 4 U-Hauls & a semi-truck full of water to Flint, MI through our "Fresh Water For Flint" initiative in 2015 & 2016. (This program is CONCLUDED)

  • Our director, Devine Carama, has spoken to over 100 youth groups, summer camps, grade schools, and colleges totally over 50,000 youth across the country through his "Power Of Words" & "Leadership & Legacy" presentations.

  • Our annual "Senior Summer Jam" (alongside Lexington social worker Josh Nazdam) served over 300 low income senior residents with FREE food, drinks & entertainment.

  • Our "Grade A Cuts" initiative offers make students at select schools, FREE haircuts for every "A" that they receive on their report card. In 2016-17 school year over 100 students at 7 schools earned a total of 457 FREE haircut vouchers. (This program has CONCLUDED)

  • Our director, Devine Carama, co-teaches a 3 credit course at the University of Kentucky called "Lyricism & Leadership: Hip Hop & Community Change".

  • We now have over 50 boys who registered in our "Sons of Single Mothers" mentoring program. (This program has LAPSED)

  • Our "Community Service Project" led to over 100 people giving back or perform some form of community service this fall. The initiative required people to perform some sort of community service in order to receive a copy of our director's, Devine Carama, new album "A Vintage Love Supreme". (This program has CONCLUDED)

  • Through our "Poetry In Motion Youth" series we provided a safe space for youth to creatively express themselves and we also gave away two $500 Back To School Scholarships through a "Stop The Violence" Essay Contest.