Devine Carama & University of Kentucky Collaborate On Hip Hop & Community Engagement Class!


What happens when an independent hip hop artist & a tenured college professor combine forces to teach a hip hop and community engagement class at the University of Kentucky? Well, magic of course! The dynamic due are back at it in Spring of 2020 at the University of Kentucky as class enrollment is now open!

Lexington MC & community activist, DevineCarama, (has opened up for acts like LL Cool J, Rakim, Talib Kweli, Big KRIT,and more!) along side associate professor Bryan Hains, were given the opportunity to teach a hip hop & community engagement class at the University of Kentucky in the summer of 2017 called "Lyricism & Leadership: Hip Hop & Community Change". The 4-week summer elective course ended with a final exam of the class completing an 8 song EP entitled, Agents of Change Volume 1, featuring themes that minority families of social & economically challenged communities face. The students then marketed and sold the music project and gave the proceeds to local youth nonprofit, "On The Move Art Studio". They learn the impact hip hop has on community and then tangibly used the music to positively impact people. Community engagement in it's rarest form.


The class resonated so much with students and the Community Leadership & Development department at UK, that Carama & Hains got an opportunity to make it a full semester, 3 credit, course the following Spring. Raising the anti a bit, the full semester schedule allowed more comprehensive discussion topics ranging from cultural appropriation, the history of hip hop music and social justice, as well as create safe spaces for political debates surrounding under deserved demographics in the United States. The 2018 class completed an album entitled Agents of Change Volume 2: Broken & Recovery and raised more than $500 for local youth nonprofit, Operation Making A Change


With the 2020 Spring semester around the corner, enrollment is now open for the University of Kentucky's only comprehensive hip hop music course. Co-instructor Devine Carama says they will challenge students to engage in community scavanger hunts as well as facilitate a community "open mic", in an continued effort to push scholars outside of the classroom and engage the community they one day look to serve. To register for our 2020 Spring course, use the ID CLD-495. For more questions use the contact info on the flier below!


Agents of Change - "Agents of Change Volume 1" -
Agents of Change - "Agents of Change Volume 2: Broken & Recovery" -
University of Kentucky CLD Lab -

It's Time For Our 6th Annual "A Coat To Keep The Cold Away" Youth Coat Drive & We Need Your Help!


Every little bit counts!!!!!!

My name is Devine Carama and this fall we are gearing up for our 6th Annual "A Coat To Keep The Cold Away" youth coat drive and we are asking you for help! We have given away over 8,000 BRAND NEW coats to youth in central and eastern KY in the last 5 years and we expect to give away around 2,000 more coats this year! The unique thing about our coat drive is that we only accept BRAND NEW coats. We not only want to provide struggling families with a little helping hand during the holiday season, but we also want to build confidence. A lot of the youth we serve don’t receive brand new items often so we feel giving them something new will inspire them to pay good deeds forward one day when they are in a position to help others!

We work directly with the Family Resource Centers in the schools in the areas we are serving to get the total amount and genders of coats requested from families in need. We start accepting requests in October, collecting coats in November, and look to delivery by the second week of December before students head home for the break. Below are ways that busineeses and individuals can give!

Tier 1 Sponsorship Package: $1,000-4,999

We will mention your company as making a sizable donation on all follow up social media posts about the coat drive. We can also provide volunteer opportunities for employers to help us bag up or deliver coats in December.

Tier 2 Sponsorship Package: $5,000-9,999

We will include your company (including company logo) as an “official sponsor” on all social media, radio, TV, or print coverage on the coat drive. Your company name will also be listed as an official sponsor on the card that will accompany the coats we delivery to each family we serve. We can also provide volunteer opportunities for employers to help us bag up or deliver coats in December. We will also send you copies of all pictures from schools and parents of their children in the coats that we helped provide. 

Tier 3 Sponsorship Package: $10,000 & up

We will include your company (including company logo) as an “official partner” for our annual “A Coat To Keep The Cold Away” youth coat drive on all social media, radio, TV, or print coverage of the coat drive. Someone from your company will also have the opportunity to join us on any news media programming to help promote the coat drive as well as your business’s partnership. Your company name will also be listed as an official partner on the card that will accompany the coats we delivery to each family we serve. We can also provide volunteer opportunities for employers to help us bag up or deliver coats in December. We will also send you copies of all pictures from schools and parents of their children in the coats that we helped provide. 

***Alternative Ways To Donate:

-Organize a mini coat drive at your work space. Encourage employees to bring in brand new youth coat sizes until the first week of December when we start collecting. 

-Smaller donations can be made electronically via Cash App to $BelievingInForever, Venmo to BelievingInForever, or Paypal to 859-303-2637

-Personal or business checks made out to ‘Believing In Forever Inc’ and mailed to 501 W. 6th Street, Suite 250, Lexington, KY 40508

Dozens Of East End Families Lined Up Down The Block For "Community On The Corners"


Saturday, July 27th we were able to help out some families in East End of Lexington through our “Community On The Corners “ initative! Here are some words on the experience from our director, Devine Crama:

"Today was a day I'll never forget. Dozens of families lined up down the block to receive FREE schools supplies, diapers, toiletry items, children's books, household cleaning products, detergent, food, water and more through our "Community On The Corners" initiative. An experience where JK-47 & myself perform on the street corner in under served neighborhoods while volunteers give away helpful items to families in need. With the event, slated to start at 5:30 pm, there were already a 100 people lined up down the block at 5! With it being so hot out and people getting anxious, we decided to start a little early. As people visited each table desperately searching for household items that they needed, we received prayer requests, testimonies, promises to pay it forward, and of course plenty of tears to go around. And it's not just about giving people free stuff, it's about relationship building, safe spaces, inspiration, service, and much more. Our volunteers, Jackie Spaulding, brother Spiffy Clark, mother in law Beata Weaver-Pickens, Joe Gross, Latarika Young, Shevy Threats, Muadh and Jennie were overwhelmed yet maintained poise, patience and a loving attitude towards those that they served. Many of our volunteers even stayed after to pick up trash and break down equipment after the event. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is something all Christians should strive to be and today our volunteers were that! Proud to be in the presence of true ministry. With this potentially being the final Community On The Corners event on 2019, as we prepare for our annual youth coat drive, we have a solid foundation to launch from in 2020! It was such a grind leading up to the event with fundraising, collecting items and organizing. But all of the hard work leading up was more than worth as were able to bless dozens of families this weekend. To God be the glory!!! “

Devine Carama & Carnegie Center Teach Hip Hop & Leadership To the Lexington Youth!


Words from our director Devine Carama:

“Last week I was blessed with the opportunity to teach my "Hip Hop & Leadership" class as part of the Carnegie Center's "Camp Carnegie". An interactive and alternative arts and learning summer camp where students from different backgrounds come together for days of diverse learning and fun. My class was a week long course. We learned about the 4 elements of hip hop music and the history behind it's creation. We talked about how hip hop was not only an outlet for their emotions but also a platform for what they believe in. We watched movies "42" & the "Great Debaters" to illustrate the sacrifice that generations before them made in order for them to have the opportunities for the diverse leadership opportunities available to them today.

The second half of the week consisted of helping our 8 teenage campers cultivate their own voices through poem and song. We first visited JK-47 studios where the campers were able to learn about the art of turntablism, producing hip hop records, the recording process, & more! Then back at the center, our students spent hours using their own personal experiences to craft songs and poems. Some students wrote pages worth of thoughts and emotions while some students wrote just enough. Some of our students grew up in foster care and spoke of their experiences while other students shared their love for sports and their challenges of growing up. The content that these young people were able to articulate through words was surprisingly heavy and in depth beyond their years.

Our students closed out the week by engaging in their first "open mic" in the Carnegie Center multipurpose room where they shared their poems and songs with friends, family and staff! With just a light rehearsal, these kiddos braved the microphone with some of their most personal thoughts and emotions and conveyed them to those in attendance. The perfect conclusion to an amazing week of learning about hip hop and leadership!”

Believing In Forever Served Dozens Of Families In West End of Lexington Through "Community On The Corners" Event!


Local Kentucky youth nonprofit, Believing In Forever Inc., Served Dozens Of Families In West End of Lexington With "Community On The Corners" Event! Director of BIF and indie hip hop artist Devine Carama, along with JK-47, performed on the corner of Price Road & Gerogetown Street in the West End of Lexington, KY while volunteers from local churches passed out household items to families in need in the neigborhood. Check out a few pictures and then some words by Devine Carama:

“Today was one of the most fulfilling and God led experiences of my life.. We were able to bless dozens of families in the West End community today through our Community On The Corners: West End initiative! J.k. Wyche & I set up shop on the corner of Price Road & Georgetown Street and performed songs while volunteers from Limadrive Sdachurch (Lima Drive SDA Church Lexington KY) and First African Baptist Church Lexington KY helped give out food, water, children’s books, diapers, baby wipes, detergent, household cleaning items and more to members of the community! Special thanks to James Brown making it come together behind the scene! God gets all the glory.. Just so thankful he chose us and put us in a position to do His work! Make sure you follow us at Believing In Forever Inc.. for info on the next one! We are trying to hit all of our neighborhoods this year!”

Enjoy some morep ictures below and make sure you revisit our website for more information on the next “Community On The Corners event!

Devine Carama Engages "Community On The Corners" w/ 7 Neighborhood Performances


Hip hop artist and director of Believing In Forever Inc., Devine Carama, & nationally renowned DJ & producer, JK-47, will do pop up performances in 7 different Lexington neighborhoods corners on Saturday, June 22nd.

during these performances, volunteers from several different local organizations will be giving away FREE food, bottled water, baby products, household items, children's books and more at each location! Below are the locations and times of each pop up!

*Detailed locations will be revealed the week of the pop up!

11 am: Tates Creek

1230 pm: Woodhill

2 pm: East end

330: pm : Winburn

5 pm: Coolivan

630 pm: West end

8 pm: Cardinal Valley

Donate Items Below:

Children's books (new or used)
Baby diapers & pull ups (all sizes)
Baby food
Baby clothes
Laundry detergent
Household cleaners
Men & women toiletry items
Canned goods
Bottled water

The Plantory
501 W. 6th Street
Suite 250
Lexington, KY 40508

Monetary donations can be made via Cash App to $BelievingInForever


Devine Carama Speaks to Over 2,000 Students in Portland, OR On Hip Hop & Leadership!


Our director, Devine Carama, had the opportunity to speak to over 2,ooo students in Portland, Oregon last week as apart of his “Leadership & Legacy” tour. He visited Harriet Tubman Middle School, Jackson Middle School, Creston School K8, and Astor Elementary School. Check out Devine’s very own thoughts on his trip BELOW!!

**Devine’s experience in Portland last week can be found after scrolling past the pictures below.**

“5 years ago I took a leap of faith & started this motivational speaking thing.. I told myself I would push myself outside of the box while never straying away from who I was. So I’ve been using hip hop as away to explain the importance of leadership and community service to youth all over the union. Never in a million years did I think that leap of faith would take me on the other side of the country where my messages seems to still resonate. Portland is one of the whitest major cities in America and has had a history of some racism. Though my experience in my short stay in Portland was pleasant, I can only imagine the challenges that minorities may face living in such a majority dominated city like this. But it is in demos like this is where I notice a duel impact in my presentations. I’m offering inspiration and a dose of self worth to those feeling under represented, while also providing some education and the importance of inclusion for others. Still with the central focus of motivating ALL students on the importance of leadership and service and using hip hop and a unifying foundation for that message. Speaking to youth in your home state where many of them already know you, your message, and music is one thing, but being able to resonate with youth you’ve never met before on the other side of the country is not only inspiring but a reminder that I’m indeed operating in my calling and to continue to push forward! So thankful to my Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, for the continued opportunities to live in my purpose!”

Devine Carama Keynotes West Virginia's S.A.D.D. Youth Conference!


This weekend I was Blessed with the opportunity to host and keynote the #WVSADD Youth Conference on Camp Dawson in Kingwood, West Virginia! Shouts to the #SAAD staff and the leadership team for curating an incredible atmosphere for cultivating youth leadership! So proud of all the young people in attendance this weekend!! Your dedication to making your communities better definitely inspired me! 


The fun and information filled weekend started on Friday night, as presented my "Power of Words" lecture followed by a 20 minute performance of songs from my "Kingtucky" album series. Saturday morning at had the honor of introducing guest speaker, Marie McGrafh, as she gave an informative and inspiring presentation called "Text less and Live MORE", focusing on the dangers of texting and driving, not allowing social media to rule our lives, and more! Her presentation was followed with a days worth of break out sessions and concluded with a semi formal dance to close out the evening. Sunday morning I provided the closing keynote address called, "Leadership & Legacy", as I challenged the 300 plus students to become active leaders in their community and leave behind a legacy of good works to inspire the next general! Below you can find a few more pictures from the conference!

Devine Carama Talks Leadership & Anti-Bullying to Over 3,500 Students in North Carolina!


Words from our director, Devine Carama, on his recent trip to present to student in North Carolina.

“Twice a year for the last 4 years I’ve had the privilege of visiting Greensboro & Charlotte, NC to present to students my hip hop based message on youth leadership and anti-bullying. My relationship with North Carolina was established back in 2009 when I briefly lived their to further pursue my music career. I moved back to KY shortly after but stayed in touch with artists, educators, and friends in the area over the years. When I started doing motivational youth speaking in my hometown of Lexington, KY 5 years ago, the natural next step was to begin presenting in North Carolina. This week I had the opportunities to facilitate my “Leadership & Legacy” & “Power of Words” presentations to Pioneer Spring Community School, Charlotte Secondary School, Oaklawn Language Academy, & Jay M. Robinson Middle School in Charlotte, T. Wingate Andrews High School in High Point, and Graham Middle School in Burlington, NC. A total of 6 schools, 12 presentations, and over 3,500 students! We discussed everything from leadership, anti-bullying, cultivating a personal belief system, standing up for the unpopular “good”, as well as the history of spoken word and hip hop. “

Devine Carama Talks "Leadership & Legacy" to Over 1,000 East Jessamine Students!


On Friday, February 22nd our director, Devine Carama, gave his Leadership & Legacy presentation to over 1,000 East Jessamine County students for their annual Black History month celebration. He engaged the students with a focus on being brave enough to stand up for what is right even when it’s not popular and a balanced and non combative approach to being a leader among their peers. The lecture was surrounded by a student reciting Maya Angelou’sPhenomenal Woman” and the EJCHS Choir performing several songs that set an inspiring mood for the assembly! For more information on booking Devine Carama to speak, contact us a

Hip Hop Artist, Devine Carama, Talks to Franklin Co. High About "Leadership & Legacy"!


Today our founder, Devine Carama, got the opportunity to talk to over 500 students at Franklin County High School in Frankfort, KY about youth leadership and leaving behind a positive legacy. Devine described his experience today with the words below:

“I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at Franklin County High School for the first time ever today! Though I only had 30 minutes with these 500 plus future leaders, the conversation was engaging and hopefully fruitful. We talked about embracing our uniqueness, developing a belief system, and standing up for the right things even when it’s not popular. Looking forward to coming back and building with these young kings and queens even more throughout the school year!”

Devine has upcoming presentations at East Jessamine County High School in Nicholasville, Ky , Paris High School in Paris, KY, 6 schools in Charlotte, NC at the end of the month, and 5 schools in Portland, OR in April. For more information on Devine’s motivational presentation contact us at


Devine Carama Speaks to 1,200 Students at Woodford Co. High School's Unity Day!


Our founder, Devine Carama recently presented his “Leadership & Legacy” presentation to over 600 students at B. Caudill Middle School in Richmond, KY & over 1,000 students at Woodford County High School in Versailles, KY. At WCHS some of the students have complained of division among students with reasons ranging from class, race, and just typical high school drama. Devine focused his presentation at Woodford County on embracing individual uniqueness, developing passion, standing up for what’s right even when it’s not popular, and finding functional ways to deliver a positive message to their peers. Educator Kristin Wilson and her students did an amazing job facilitating a diverse and impactful unity event. Check out a couple of photos of Devine’s 2 presentations below! To book Devine for your school contact us at


Devine Carama Speaks to 1200 Bourbon County Students About Leadership


This past week our founder, Devine Carama, had the opportunity to speak to over 1200 students at Bourbon County Middle & High School. He spoke to each grade level separately about an array of topics including bullying, youth leadership, leaving behind a legacy, the impact education has on their future and more! The Kentucky hip hop artist is schedule to travel and speak to students in North Carolina, Seattle, WA, Chicago, IL, Portland, Oregon, over the next couple of months. 


Rapper Performs Outside For 48 Hours To Collect Coats For Kids!


Our founder, Devine Carama, performed for 24 and then 48 hours straight outside in the cold in front of the Lexington, Ky courthouse to raise awareness for our 4th annual “A Coat To Keep The Cold Away” youth coat drive. Check out the documentary entitled, “Art Of Sacrifice”, that chronicles the impact that the those 72 hours had on Devine and his family. Video directed by Fox Fed Productions.

5th Annual "A Coat To Keep The Cold Away" Youth Coat Drive!

requests flyer.png

This month we are initiating our 5th Annual "A Coat To Keep The Cold Away" youth coat drive! Last year we gave away nearly 3000 coats in the Central & Eastern Kentucky areas and this year we plan to meet the community's needs again. We are taking request for families/schools in need of winter coats until November 21st & then we plan on distributing coats the first week of December! Would love your help in getting the word out for those with children or students that are in need of coats this winter! All request for help are completely anonymous. I don't even need the names of the students that you think may be in need. I just need amount of coats needed and sizes! Keep your eye out as the temperature drops over the next few weeks & keep me posted if you see anyone in need. I have some physical flyers for the coat drive as well if you need some. 

5 Lexington Youth Win Laptops In Leadership Contest!

Meet our 2018 Believing In Forever Inc. #YouthLeadershipThroughServicecontest winners! Victoria Jackson, Jamayla Sweat, Daikerra Sweat, Layla Plakosh and Mahkia Fountain! Each of these young queens completed at least 10 hours of community service this summer and a 2 page essay on how youth can make a positive impact in their community! Last night at our first Student Summit Series, these ladies were awarded with some back-to-school supplies as well as a refurbished laptop courtesy of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky in Georgetown, KY! Congratulations ladies! We also gave away over 50 backpacks last night courtesy of YMCA of Central Kentucky#BelievingInForever


Believing In Forever Benefit Ride Raises Over $800 For Youth Coat Drive!


Wow! Saturday, July 14th, over 20 friends joined in on Tyra Tyger Harbut birthday benefit ride for Believing In Forever Inc. in which we raised over $800 for this year annual #ACoatToKeepTheColdAway youth coat drive! Such a unique way to support our cause! Special thanks to CYCLEBAR and Tyra for hosting such an amazing experience and all of the people that came out and supported! It was hard but a very fun and rewarding experience! #BelievingInForever

Believing In Forever Giving Away 20 Laptops Through Service & Essay Contest!


One of the ways Believing In Forever Inc looks to build community is by empowering youth leadership through taking individual initiative for a collective goal and community service. In an continued effort to do that, we are launching a new annual Youth Leadership Through Service Back to School Contest where we will give away 20 laptops, along with other back to school essentials in an educational gift basket to youth participants ages 12-17 that perform at least 10 hours of community service and write a 2 page essay on the unique approach they will take towards being a leader in the community. For more details contact